"I just wanted to take a minute and express my delight with your seismic crew. I have been a seismic permit agent most all of my adult life and have worked for many, many different seismic companies since 1977 when I started in this industry. The performance of your crew is one of the best I’ve seen. Your crew management is stellar, the crew is professional and courteous, they pay attention to detail and they work hard. Their phone plants are great, the way they work to keep damages and costs at a minimum is impressive. I live in a state where seismic companies have come for years, done their damage and left, leaving us who live here to deal with the bad reputation they leave behind. I’m still getting flak from problems caused by “blow and go” seismic companies in the 80’s.  Your crews behavior on the ground will be a positive influence for our oil and gas industry for years to come. You can’t know how much I appreciate your efforts."


"Thanks for the effort and thanks to you and the crew getting this project completed on our time schedule."


"This crew maybe the best crew I have seen in my 50 years in the industry. I was impressed with the vibe operators, many times they backed their units out in their own tracks, which is not easy, minimizing the foot print of the survey."


"The crew was very helpful, accommodating, professional, and experts. I’m certain the data will come out of the survey will be the best ever recorded in the area."