Geophysical data acquisition can become more difficult as landowners become resistant to multiple entries over the course of time. Breckenridge Geophysical places the highest value on cultivating relationships with every landowner we encounter. Working with both landowners and tenants, we minimize property impact in every instance. Our efforts include planning entry/exit routes to reduce crop damages, moving source points out of wet areas subject to rut damage, walking recording gear into crops nearing harvest all are part of our work ethics.


In early 2012, Breckenridge Geophysical took delivery from INOVA of our first fleet of new AHV-IV, PLS-364 Vibrator units. These units have a Peak Force Rating of 62,000 pounds, and are capable of sweeping from 1 to 250 Hz.


They are equipped with Seismic Source Force III's and integrated GPS for positional accuracy. Breckenridge offers low-ground-pressure, cleated-tires and smooth faced “sand tires” for minimal surface disturbance and adherence to landowner permit conditions.


As the geophysical industry advances, Breckenridge Geophysical strives to stay in the forefront of technology. Nodal recording systems have provided unprecedented advances in crew efficiency and footprint impacts. Incorporating these technology changes into the operating procedures at Breckenridge Geophysical gives our clients the advantage of cost savings and reduced timelines when receiving geophysical data.


Breckenridge Geophysical currently operates two recording crews, each with multi-thousand channel capabilities. We provide both dynamite and vibrator acquisition with slip-sweep and multi-fleet operations. Source control is provided by the latest Force III electronics from Seismic Source.


Breckenridge Geophysical is focused on quality at every stage of a project. Our personnel are industry veterans, with worldwide experience. From the Permit stage, through Survey, Drilling, Recording, Data Merge, and Cleanup, Breckenridge Geophysical understands the importance to our clients that we provide both Product and Environmental Quality in every aspect of our service.​


Health, safety and environment are paramount at Breckenridge Geophysical. Our seven element quality and safety system management plan is patterned after IAGC & OGP recommended systems. Our personnel undergo continual training.


Our personnel are highly trained professionals, focused on minimal environmental impact and surface disturbance.