Breckenridge Geophysical was incorporated in 1984 as a seismic data acquisition company based in Breckenridge, Texas (100 miles west of Ft. Worth). During the 80s and early 90s, Breckenridge Geophysical operated one to four crews acquiring seismic data primarily in the Eastern Shelf area of North Texas.

In the mid-90s, Breckenridge Geophysical purchased from Phillips Petroleum Company the OpSeis telemetry recording equipment that had been used by the Phillips Research seismic crews. With this (at the time) state of the art system, Breckenridge Geophysical focused on seismic data acquisition of 2D and 3D projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Mississippi. Full-service and quality data acquisition, provide the backbone of Breckenridge Geophysical.

The company’s next milestone came in late-2011, when the original owners sold Breckenridge Geophysical to new investors with a mandate to become technology leaders in the geophysical industry. As a result, Breckenridge Geophysical put into service the OYO-Geospace GSX Nodal recording system, OYO GS 32 CT Geophones, along with new Inova AHV-IV Commander Vibrators – an overall investment over $20 million in new equipment.

A branch office opened in Denver in early 2012, to expand the strategic reach of Breckenridge Geophysical. New executives were added to the existing management team, which grew the combined, world-wide geophysical exploration experience of the management team to more than 175 years. This experience, coupled with an existing client base of over 200 E & P companies, prove Breckenridge Geophysical commitment to customer service and quality.



Ladd Wilks
Executive Officer
Tony Clark
James Spigener
Project Manager
Mike Lee
Vice President, Development
JR Nelson
Instrument Tech
Whitney Deubler
Office Manager